About Us

We sit back and decide for hours or sometimes even months before we eventually decide on our trip. The first question comes is where to go? Which of our friends are going to accompany us in the trip. Where to go? How to go? The list of questions is seemingly endless.

TripJinee is one such professional trip planner that enables you to create your own trip plans or even refer to trip plans that have been already created.

With TripJinne you can explore new destinations and see the world your way by making your trip easy and fun. We at TripJinnee help travelers create a flexible trip plan and avail best travel packages and information on budget hotels from our travel agents. You can create a trip plan and get to know which of your friends have been there. This is not enough, you can also share your trip plans with your friends and relatives

We also have 15 years of successful experience in the IT industry and we have served all our valuable clients with most robust and genuine services.