Travel to diu and make your holidays enjoyable

Diu is a beautiful fishing town located in the Diu Island. It is a part of Diu and Daman union territory of India. Diu is also the tenth least populated district of the country of India. The town of Diu also has a history of its own. It was ruled by the Portuguese during the 15th century. The tourists before planning to visit Diu should keep five must have essentials to enjoy a comfortable visit to the town.

Things to see or visit in DIU
Firstly, the tourists traveling to Diu should have a good travel plan including all the tourist places of Diu. Diu is popular for the Portuguese architecture like the Diu Fort, lighthouse in Diu, Nagao beach and cathedrals like ST. Paul’s Church, St. ThomasChurch and the Church of St. Francis of Assisi. There are many tourist places in Diu worth watching like the Portuguese cathedral and the fortress in Diu. Diu also has many fishing ports where one can witness fishermen and fishing boats regularly collecting fish. Tourists should list these places of tourist importance to avoid missing out on any. The tourists can contact local travel agents or guides to get more information of the tourist places of Diu.
How to reach Diu
The second most important thing tourist should have is transportation bookings. If one is traveling by airways, he nearest airport to Diu is the Nagoa airport. There are regular flights from Mumbai and other nearby towns to NagoaAirport. If one is traveling by railways, the nearest railway station is in Veraval. There are regular trains from Ahmadabad, Rajkot and other nearby towns and cities to Veraval railway station. For traveling by roadways, one can take the national highways connecting Diu to Gujarat and Maharashtra. There are regular buses and taxis from the nearby towns to Diu.
Thirdly, one must carry an emergency medical kit in hand having all the medicine and other essentials like toiletries. One should also carry a flashlight for emergency purpose. It is essential to carry these as one might not get medical facilities during night.
Fourthly, tourists should also make accommodation reservations beforehand. Diu always experiences many tourists from India and abroad who come to experience the beauty of the fishing town. As such, booking reservations should be made earlier to avoid hassles later on. Some of the hotels in Diu like Hotel Pushpak, Radhika Beach Resort, Hotel Kohinoor and Hotel Apaar among others which provide good accommodation facilities for the tourists.
The fifth thing tourists must have is to check the favorable time to visit Diu town. The best time to visit Diu is during winters and during the time of festivals like Christmas and New Year time when celebrations are full on in Diu. During Christmas and New Year, many festivals and fairs are held in Diu town near the fortress and many tourists from near and far visit Diu for these festivals. One must avoid visiting Diu during monsoons because of heavy rains during that time.